In order for us to be completely aware of the project requirements and the client’s needs we go through an extensive process of research to develop a proper solution in an adequate timetable.


After assessing the most important aspects of the site and its context, our team begins to elaborate a concept design which will serve as a stepping stone to future solutions.


After conferring with the client and having set a main direction, the concept is filtered, using different techniques and programs such as ArchiCAD, Revit, or AutoCAD, according to the solution.


In the last few years we have given more importance to the process of visualisation, trying to create a more accurate image of the future design though the means of modelling, rendering or VR.

Attendance on site

Together with our partners, engineers, designers, artists, suppliers, we provide asistance on site on all building execution stages according to the different quality control programs.

Post-construction services

We will provide post-construction and post-utilization services which include: project follow-up, modifications for improved functionality, maintaining an open line for questions on upkeep.

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